Social Proof as a Website Conversion Tool

Social media signs

Of the most top things that can help increase the confidence of a visitor in your site is strong evidence of Social proof. It is also through strong social proof evidence that you can turn these visitors into permanent loyal customers. Some of the methodologies that have been well tested and proved to make social proof an important factor in converting web customers into permanent business customers include the following. Learn more about socialproof, go here.

Use of Referrals or Word of Mouth
Referral programs are one the most efficient way of improving your brand’s popularity. Advertising through word-of-mouth is considered to be effective as your friends get hands-on experience on the product they want to buy from you. Most businesses will offer incentives and discounts to customers who refer other people to buy products from their company.  Find out more at socialproof right here.

The Customers Review
Customer’s review is the most sought after segment by visitors especially prior making any online purchases. This is the only way that one could get a feel of the worth of the product once they purchase it. It is through reading the customer review that the visitor can get the real insights of the product they intend to buy. Average customer reviews are useful in that they encourage visitors to buy the product or opt-in for a service.

Testimonials are an important tool of social proof and therefore, cannot be taken slightly. Research has shown that the use of testimonials increases the chances of a business by 50%. The use of testimonials on a site has always shown better conversion rates. It clearly, shows how the users have felt after using the product offered y that company.

Having a public figure endorse your products or services can have a great impact on the conversion rates. You can select a star who is in line with your business and send them a sample of your product and ask them for a recommendation. Getting a celebrity to endorse your product ensures that its popularity is taken to a larger audience community.

The Media

High quality content is useful as it can popularize your brand. If you feel that you product is unique and useful, then you can write some articles on it and submit to some of the popular publications. If the readers feel that the content is genuine and not too promotional, they are likely to buy that product and hence improves the conversation rates of your business.

Social proof is important as it encourages those that are still unsure if they want to buy your product or not to make a purchase without a second thought. It is a confirmation to the visitors that the decision that they have taken is right. Take a look at this link for more information.


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